SparBuddy Combat Training Equipment


The SparBuddy Elite model, pictured above, comes with spring loaded arms and a realistic head for precision striking. This model is available in custom sizes to meet the needs of many different customers.

The SparBuddy Bag, pictured to the left, is a spring loaded heavy bag that is perfect for both gym use and can be part of any home fitness program.

SparBuddy, patent pending, is a spring mounted combat trainer. It is the perfect tool for self defense training, boxing and MMA. 

The innovative spring technology provides decreased impact while providing a punching and kicking target that is fixed at the bottom and moves at the top more similar to actual sparring. 

Athletes will benefit from the hand speed, coordination and footwork associated with training like a fighter.

SparBuddy is an efficient calorie burner for those who are looking for a fun alternative to the traditional fitness programs.